- SUPERLIFT: Bodyworks which are interchangeable with other of the same type, provided with hydraulic cylinders on the 4 corners, with 24 V.- working and incorporated power plant. It lowers towards the ground to simplify the loading/unloading shunting or it can be linked to the loading platform of a height as far as 1.8 m.

: Bodywork which is interchangeable with other of the same type provided with folding mechanical supports.

- The van version is autobearing, so it guarantees the lowest tare and, thanks to the lowered bedplate, make it possible to exploit to the utmost the height of useful load.

- The low-sided wagon version is built with bearing longerons at lowered section and passing traverses, it can be equipped with panels and cambers in the different versions.

Our uncoupleable bodyworks are provided with devices that simplify the centering shunting, moreover the new hydraulic blocking system guarantees simplicity, rapidity and security of shunting.

All our equipments are certified CE.