Van in light alloy at modular elements with roof in a single aluminium sheet: it guarantees a high mechanical resistance and the lowest tare, it is planned in relation to the type of transport as well as to the characteristics of the vehicle, to get the greatest volume
- Simplicity and save in case of repair
- Resistance to the corrosion, therefore exempt from maintenance
- Available in the versions with smooth and Greek-freted walls in different colours
- The availability of a lot of optionals make it "TO MEASURE"

Isoloated van with walls, roof and doors built with "sandwich" panels, which have a polyurethane heart and are covered by fibreglass or in alternative prepainted aluminium panels, through in a vacuum assemblage, besides get the wished thermic coefficient, it develops an excellent mechanical resistance; the components are joined each other by extruded anodized aluminium contours.

All our equipments are certified CE.